This is a site for those with a desire to grow in Prophesy, particularly those who are keen to grow in Prophetic Evangelism. Please feel free to contribute as we can all learn from each other on how to grow in this amazing gift.


We had a great time at soul survivor and God moved in great power.


The first thing we saw God do was He led us to the youth leader of a group of non Christian girls. We asked him if he would mind if we prophesied over the girls.


He said that if we asked them if we could ask for words of knowledge they would say no, so he suggested that we just got chatting to them and see what God will do.


This was quite hard for the team to do but you know that God is always faithful, so fairly quickly after chatting to them God started to reveal some deep revelation about their lives and family background. This carried on for about 15 to 20 minutes. Over that period of time I don’t think we got one piece of revelation wrong.


By the end of the time with the girls they were a lot closer to wanting to know about God, asking about how to read the Bible and asking about how we came to know Jesus.


On the last day I saw that 4 of the 5 girls make a commitment to Jesus.


Are you wanting to see God move in your area? We are now offering training days where you can come out into the streets with us and together we’ll see God move through us.


To join our training day simply comment on this blog and state that you are interested in coming to the training days in the UK.


cagedSo many of my prophetic friends report to me the same thing as I aometimes feel, they feel isolated!

We live in a strange world, where we are supposed to be fully integrated in a church, for that is our place of safety and I would strongly recommend every prophetic person to be rooted in a local church community, but that church often misunderstands us, fears us, sees us as freaks, hems us in,, seeks to silence us or tries to change us.

That is what I love about what I do, building friendships with other prophetic people, who understand each other and can relate to each others ways is a lifeline to me and I’m always keen to build community that way. Realising that I’m not a freak, just a person who hears from God, by hearing other people speaking about the same things as I feel is so important to me, as it frees me up from the cage that other people would put me in.

So let’s build a stronger community of prophetic people, I’d love to hear from you as to ways we can feel less isolated and help each other reach our full destiny in Christ. Please leave a comment on the type of support you’d like?



Male earGod wants to use us in prophecy, especially in an evangelistic way. However, He can only use us to the degree that we will be kept safe.

Prophetic revelation above our character capacity to handle the favour and authority that comes with it would corrupt us and eventually destroy our faith of even us.

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church without wallsSo, many of you will remember that 50 of us went out onto the street two weeks ago, so often you don’t see the direct fruit of what comes out of such events, but  I heard about some of the “Silent” fruit today which was most encouraging.

As a team we spoke to a lady who was standing at the back of the crowd listening to the worship. God then spoke into her life Prophetic words and started telling her about stuff with her children and her family life. She was amazed and then told us that she had a friend who was the wife of a Vicar and she’d just come off the phone to her talking to her all about what God had just revealed to us. She was amazed that God cared for her so much and we prayed for her to meet with God.

Someone from my church, who wasn”t at the event, came up to me today and said “did some of you give a word to a lady in the street?” and then told us what we’d said. She then told me that the lady had been really moved by what was happening and that she’d was going to start going to church THIS WEEK! Praise God!

We so need to be churches without walls, God is on the move in the streets and I believe he is asking us, will we get out of our comfort zones and go with Him out onto the streets.

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YMCAExciting developments seem to be happening here. Under my work with Soul Survivor God seems to be opening doors for us to do a prophetic clinic in the local YMCA. Please pray that God’s will is done.


Taking-a-RiskI’d love your help on this, what, in your opinion, stops people from stepping out in faith. We all know we’re meant to do it but what inhibits us, scares us, blocks us from doing great exploits for the king?


I’ve had dreams over last few years, as many other prophetic people have too, telling us that God is about to start a worldwide revival that is going to be one of the greatest revival’s the world has ever seen.

One of the dreams told me the timing of the revival too, and it is soon. It will come in the next four years.

I believe one of things God is waiting for is His church to get ready, we need bigger boats to catch the fish in! When I say “bigger boats”, I believe that is metaphoric for bigger hearts of love for the lost, bigger receptability for newcomers into the church and bigger hearts of desire for Him.

Church let’s get ready!


steering_wheel_handsWhen we were out on our “Church On The Streets” event last Tuesday,we got talking to a lady who’d stopped by to listen to the worship.

We got chatting to her and then had some words for her about how God knew about the pain she’d gone through and how she was having problems with her son at the moment and he was really hurting her a lot at the moment.

She was absolutely bowled over and said that, although she was not a Christian she had just literally five minutes ago got off the phone from her friend who was a vicar’s wife, telling all about what we literally relayed back to her from the Lord.

The most amazing set of coincidences happened at that point. Her “Vicar’s Wife’s” friend happened to be the wife of a vicar who was closely connected to Soul Survivor Church In Watford, which is where we all came from! Not only that we told her that we were from SSW and she then was doubly amazed and said “You know when life get’s too hard I jump in my car and repeatedly drive past your church, as I find it’s the only place I can find peace”.

It’s amazing how people are being drawn to our churches and we might not ever know about it if we don’t get out there and meet them on their terms, in their domain. That’s what Jesus would do!


While doing “church on the street” last Tuesday withe the discipleship school at Soul Survivor we saw two girls and a guy with three young children who’d stopped to listen to the music.

Typically they were massively touched by the music and wanted to know more about who we were.

As we talked God started to have words for them. He started with the guy first and God told him that he wanted to help him with his Job situation and he knew how much he hated his Job. The guy and his partner were staring amazed at each other at the realisation of what was happening.

Then God had words for another one of the girls where God told her that she was bruised after a relationship went bad for her and that she was in a cycle of bad relationships. Her quote was ” OMG that’s freeky”.

Then God stopped giving any other words for a moment and we started to gather round them to pray for them. The other girl then got upset and said “Why doesn’t God want to speak to me?”. We told her to be patient.

Moments later she was really touched by God as he revealed deep stuff about her family background including deep details about her and her sister’s relationship. She was fighting back the tears and they are all considering on coming to our Alpha Course.


body_builder_7sfwSo many people believe that being prophetic requires boldness, and if I’m not bold then God can’t use me in prophecy.

The Bible tells us that:

“God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 1 Corinthians 1:27″

So the biblical viewpoint is that boldness in and of ourselves is not important, actually being real in our weakness is a desirable position to be in, and from that stance we are able to move into the strength that God has for us, enabling us to do the miraculous and incredible because it ceases to be us that does it, but the presence of God within us.